Introduce yourself! What should the world know about you? 

Hi! I’m Amara! I’m a wife and mom, a former athlete, a scientist, and a communicator. On top of that, I love to cook, garden, and be outside. I’m originally from The Bahamas and I’m very proud of my Caribbean heritage. I also really like Harry Potter and most witchy, magical things—although, I’m not a huge fan of scary movies. I’m definitely a wimp there.

What are you passionate about? 

I am passionate about many things—the ocean, nature in general, and leaving a better world for my children to inherit. It informs my home life, my science, and my voice. I’m also passionate about making sure that the world we have today is equitably accessible to all the humans and other creatures that inhabit it.

What drives you as a person, a leader, and a storyteller? What or who shapes you?

I am driven by hope, more than anything. Hope that things will get better, that we can be better keepers of each other and stewards of the Earth; hope that the stories we tell will matter for someone, and hope that I am leaving a legacy for my little ones to be proud of.

Why did you apply to the Rethink Outside™ Fellowship? What are you hoping to learn from this experience? 

I applied to the fellowship because I believe in its goals and ideals. I hope that not only will I learn and build community while participating, but that my voice will grow and become stronger and add to the choir of voices creating change, and that my body will be a vessel for not just me but other folk like me to experience nature without fear or hesitance.

How will the Rethink Outside™ Fellowship experience help you address the systemic barriers for access to, and representation / leadership of Black, Indigenous, and people of color in the movement to connect people and nature? 

Not only is the fellowship creating connections and support which are crucial for underrepresented folks, but it is providing tools and learning. Education is something that cannot be taken away, and after years of working twice as hard to be seen as almost as good, the fellowship makes me feel seen. It will provide me with tools and a platform to share my story and amplify others. I don’t have to fit into a box, I can share the story of my connections to nature through the many ways I experience it and encourage other folks to do the same.

What is your favorite activity / place which connects you to nature and the outdoors? 

This is hard, but I’d have to say scuba diving. I grew up surrounded by the ocean, and there’s nothing more peaceful and otherworldly than floating underwater. It’s like what I imagine space to be, but better.

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