Make a pledge

Pledge your organizational support and resources to Rethink Outside to unify and activate the growing movement to lift up the benefits of time spent outdoors as a basic human right. 

Pledge details can be found in the Rethink Outside factsheet.

Nonprofits, researchers, government agencies, media, general public

Foundations, government grantmakers, companies, individual donors


Promote campaign participation (email signature, affiliation on website, social media)+

Use Rethink Outside campaign collateral at events (slides, banners, stickers, posters)+


Communicate with your stakeholders about Rethink Outside+

Assess alignment of your organization’s communication materials with the shared narrative and modify as needed*


Encourage your grantees to engage in Rethink Outside and make a pledge+

Activate the shared narrative through your funding portfolio and guidelines+

Nominate a Rethink Outside Ambassador*


Support grantee participation in Rethink Outside storytelling workshops and media trainings*

Underwrite the services of a professional story-writer for your grantees*

Contribute to the Rethink Outside Fund*

+ Refer to campaign resources to activate this pledge
*Blue Sky Funders Forum will contact you to activate this pledge

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